Maxime Lucas


Welcome to my page!

I am a physicist with a strong interest in dynamical systems, complex systems, and networks, and their application to the life sciences.

I recently kicked off UNDER-NET, my project about characterising the structure and growth of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal networks underground. This project is funded by a FNRS fellowship and I am hosted by Timoteo Carletti at the Namur Institute for Complex systems and Stephane Decklerck at UCLouvain, in Belgium.

Previously, I worked with Giovanni Petri at the CENTAI Institute in Turin (Italy), and before that at the ISI Foundation. I use a variety of approaches including for example dynamical systems theory, network science, and topological data analysis.

Before that, I worked on temporal networks of proteins with Alain Barrat, Bianca Habermann, and Laurent Tichit at the interdisciplinary Turing Centre for Living Systems (CENTURI) in Marseille (France).

Before that, during my PhD, I worked on the synchronisation of nonautonomous networks of oscillators. The project was part of COSMOS, a Marie Curie training network, and I was co-supervised by Aneta Stefanoska (Lancaster University, UK) and Duccio Fanelli (University of Florence, Italy). I also hold a Complementary Master’s in Artificial Intelligence from KULeuven (Belgium) and a Master’s in Physics from Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium).

Do not hesitate to contact me for questions/comments/ideas/.. or just to say hi!

Research interests:

  • complex systems
  • dynamical systems
  • complex networks
  • synchronisation


Jun 24 “On the Benefits of Heterogeneity in Cognitive Stability and Flexibility for Collaborative Task Switching” out in the Proceedings of CogSci!
May 24 “Evidence of social learning across symbolic cultural barriers in sperm whales” out in eLife!
May 24 “A unified framework for Simplicial Kuramoto models” published in Chaos!
Apr 24 New preprint “Functional reducibility of higher-order networks”, available at arXiv!
Apr 24 Excited to kick off UNDER-NET, my FNRS project on underground fungal networks!🍄

selected publications

  1. Higher-order interactions shape collective dynamics differently in hypergraphs and simplicial complexes
    Y. Zhang*,  M. Lucas*, and  F. Battiston
    Nat. Commun., 2023
  2. Inferring cell cycle phases from a partially temporal network of protein interactions
    M. Lucas,  A. Morris,  A. Townsend-Teague,  L. Tichit,  B. H. Habermann, and  A. Barrat
    Cell Rep. Methods, 2023
  3. Networks beyond pairwise interactions: structure and dynamics
    F. Battiston,  G. Cencetti,  I. Iacopini,  V. Latora,  M. Lucas,  A. Patania,  J.-G. Young, and  G. Petri
    Phys. Rep., 2020